MyStoke online account

Council tax online

Once you've signed into your MyStoke account, select the option for council tax. You will be taken to our Council Tax service where you can access these services:

  • Direct Debit - set up or change
  • View bills - View your bills, recovery notices and other account activity
  • Moving - Into the city, out of the city or within the city. 
  • Applying for discounts - single person discount, severely mentally impaired or student discount. 
  • Find a Council Tax band for a property
  • Upload documents - upload documents or evidence that you have been asked to supply.
  • Landlords or agents - can report tenants moving

Most forms are updated in real time, but some forms may be actioned at a later point in the back office. You will receive a PDF of the form and an acknowledgment email.


To view up to date account balance information, you will need to verify who you are and allow your MyStoke account details to be shared with the Council Tax system.

Select the option to Upgrade your account, then confirm your name, account number and answer a security question. Once you have authenticated your account, you can view up to date account information, check balance and payments and update contact details. The information you provide us need to match what we have on our records exactly, such as the spelling of your name. 

Don't know your account number?

Many of our online services require a Council Tax account number. You can usually find this on any correspondence, bills or statements that we've sent to you. 

If you are unable to find your account number, complete this form and your account number will be e-mailed to you within 2 working days. 

Get your account number

Please note, if you change your address in your MyStoke account you will also need to change it on Council Tax Online.

Get more help

For help and support with your online account, we're here to help. You can send us an online enquiry and we'll help to get you online. 

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