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  4. What you must do before we visit

What you must do before we visit

To achieve the best results from pest control treatment at your property, we need you to do some preparation. Do the following in all affected rooms before we come to treat fleas or bedbugs.

  • Clean, vacuum or sweep all floors and upholstered furniture (such as cushions, sofas and mattresses)
  • Make sure the floor is as clear as possible. You don't have to remove furniture from the room, but it helps if furniture is moved away from the walls so we can treat the skirting boards and edges of the room. If we are treating for fleas, it is okay to put things on the bed to clear as much floor space as possible. If we are treating for bedbugs, we need access to the bed.
  • Do not take items out of an affected room as you could infest other areas.
  • If we are treating for bedbugs, remove and wash all bedding on a hot wash before returning it to a treated room. Where possible, tumble dry bedding to kill any eggs. 
  • Treat pets and their bedding must be treated at the same time for fleas at the same time, if we are carrying out flea treatment in your home. Speak to a vet about suitable products to do this.
  • Children and pets should not be in the property during our treatment and aquariums should be covered and removed. 

If the preparation has not been done before pest control arrive, treatment will not be carried out.

Depending on the extent of the treatment you may be required to leave the property for a short time. We will advise you more on the day, but as a minimum you will must do the following after treatment:

  • Allow fresh air into the treated area for at least 30 minutes. 
  • Do not allow children or pets back into the area until the treatment has completely dried (at least one or two hours).
  • Floors should not be washed or vacuumed for at least ten days to allow time for the treatment to have an effect.
  • Do not put items that have not been washed or treated back into a treated room as it could make the problem return.

If you think you may have difficulty in doing any of the above, tell us as soon as possible.

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