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Pest control

We can deal with the following:

  • ants 
  • bedbugs
  • fleas
  • cockroaches 
  • mice 
  • rats 
  • squirrels in roof spaces 
  • wasps (bees in exceptional circumstances)
  • some other insects

We don't treat for:

  • foxes
  • feral cats
  • wild birds
  • rabbits
  • moles
  • bats
  • bees
  • spiders 

Not sure what treatment is best for your pests? You can visit the British Pest Contol Association (BPCA) for more information.website

British Pest Contol Association (BPCA)

How to book a pest control appointment?

To book at pest control appointment, please call our contact centre on 01782 232065.

Need advice?

Please use the form below if you need advice about treatment or a business contract.

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