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Covid-19 Hardship Fund


You should complete this form if you need extra help with your Council Tax payments because your household income has been affected by Covid-19 and you are struggling to pay your council tax. For more information visit our Coronavirus page on

Before completing this form you should check to see whether you may qualify for Council Tax Support.

Please visit  or go to our Council Tax Support page on and follow the link to the calculator.

If the calculator shows that you may qualify for Council Tax Support, you should apply online from the Council Tax Support page rather then completing this form.

If the calculator shows that you are not entitled to any Council Tax Support, please keep a note of the reference ID from your calculation as you will be required to provide it during the course of this form.

It’s very important that you continue to make payments towards your council tax whilst you wait for a decision on your application; if you don’t then you could face further proceedings. In the meantime, if you need debt and money advice you can contact Staffordshire North & Stoke Citizens Advice Bureaux. They are unable to give advice face to face at the moment, but you can contact them by telephone on 0300 3309062 or speak to an adviser via webchat at