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Transforming Cities Fund

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  1. Transforming Cities Fund (TCF)
  2. Station Road
  3. College Road
  4. Construction works and timescales

Construction works and timescales

Galliford Try is the contractor appointed by Stoke-on-Trent City Council to undertake the work. They’ll be providing information in a community newsletter to relevant households on the work, timescales and how it may impact travel arrangements in the area.


Timescales for the work will be:

  • College Road            Autumn 2023 – Winter 2024
  • Station Road             Spring 2023 – Summer 2025

Works will be carefully co-ordinated and carried out under smaller sections, with an effective traffic management plan during the construction phases.

For safety reasons the majority of this this work will be carried out under full road closures, with a signed diversion route in place. We’ll be visible in the community to provide support and guidance during this work.

Work phases and diversions

College Road

College Road map - if you need more information, please email


  • Mobilisation and enabling works – Autumn 2023 
  • Phase 1 – Autumn 2023 / Winter 2023
  • Phase 2 – Winter 2023 / Spring 2024
  • Phase 3 – Spring 2024 / Summer 2024
  • Phase 4 – Summer 2024 / Winter 2024

Bus stop closures

  • Bus stops along Phases 1, 2 and 3 will be closed between beginning of October 2023 to mid-July 2024 and passengers will be directed to the nearest bus stop on Potteries Way, Broad Street, Snow Hill or Stoke Road. 
  • Bus Stops along Phase 4 will be closed between mid-July 2024 to end-October 2024 and passengers will be directed to Stoke Road or Station Road. 

Temporary bus stop closures

Temp bus stop closures for the TCF works

Lower Bethesda Street temporary closure

As part of the Transforming Cities Fund scheme, we need to close Lower Bethesda Street in two sections to construct a new carriageway, creating a wider pavement and cycle lane.

When will this work take place?

We will close Lower Bethesda Street on Monday 2 October, for approximately three months, with the traffic management remaining on-site at all times for safety reasons.

Bethesda street

Station Road

Station Road map - for more information email


The scheme mobilisation is expected to be Spring 2024 with construction throughout 2024.

Station Road works

As with College Road, work to Station Road will be undertaken in phases with appropriate temporary traffic management in place to maintain access and minimise disruption to road users. 

Station Road works, one-way traffic - for more information email

Traffic management and timescales

Phases 1 and 2 between 20 May 2024 and Spring 2025:

One lane closure and one-way traffic from Stoke Road to the junction of Leek Road from 20 May 2024 to Spring 2025 (with exception of six weeks full closure – see below)

  • Drop-off and pick-up at Winton Square will remain available.
  • Long stay parking will be at Car Park 1, next to the Royal Mail sorting office until October 2024 and at Car Park 3, at the back of the station, throughout the works.
  • Short stay parking will be in Car Park 1, next to the Royal Mail sorting office, until October 2024 then in Car Park 2 at the north end of platform 1.
  • Disabled parking will be in Car Park 1, next to the Royal Mail sorting office, until October 2024 then in Car Park, 2 at the north end of platform 1.
  • Bus stops will be located outside Federation House for passengers travelling south and a temporary bus stop will be situated on Leek Rd, outside the entrance of the Royal Mail sorting office, for passengers travelling north towards the city centre.
  • Taxi rank - Until October 2024 there’ll be a temporary taxi rank outside Federation House.
  • The footways will be maintained on the opposite side of the work areas with the crossing point at Winton Square. When works start in front of the station entrance, passengers will be directed to the new crossing locations either side of Winton Square.

Full road closure – in phase 1 from 27 June for six weeks

  • There will be a full road closure in front to the station entrance, between the Wedgwood statue (current location) and the Royal Mail Sorting Office from 27 June 2024 for period of six weeks.
  • A temporary crossing point will be installed to enter and exit the station front.
  • The taxi rank will remain outside Federation House.
  • Vehicles will be able to access Car park 1 and 2 from either end of Station Rd for drop-off and short stay as well as Car Park 3 at the rear of the station.
  • Businesses will remain open as usual.
  • Buses and through traffic will be prohibited to use Station Road because there will be no location to turn around. The Existing bus shelters on Stoke Rd will be in use and the new temporary bus stop on Leek Rd. Single layer buses will travel south along Stoke Road, and because of the low bridge restriction, the double decker buses will travel north up Hanely along Leek Road.

Phase 3 – from Spring to Autumn 2025

From Spring 2025 to Autumn 2025 drop-off, pick-up and disabled parking will be in Car Park 1 with short stay parking in Car Park 1 and 2 and long-stay in Car Park 3. Six weekend full closures, to complete Tegola paving in Winton Square, will be required with the traffic management arrangements as explained above.

Contact information:

For information about the works please contact Galliford Try at