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Apply for money from the community investment fund

Community Investment Fund 2020 - 2023

If you’ve got a great idea to improve your local area, we may be able to help with the investment you need to get it moving.

We have £2.7 million of capital investment available and building on the previous rounds of successes, we are inviting our communities to come forward with their new ideas and projects. Communities can bid for funding from £500 to up to £25,000.

The Community Investment Fund is here to enable local people to develop creative ideas which help create a stronger city that we can all be proud of. We are hoping these investments will support on-going activities in communities, providing funding to get new activities off the ground or provide an opportunity for communities to become more resilient against the risks of covid-19.

There are four priority areas for the funding:

  • Support vulnerable people in our communities to live their lives well
  • Enable our residents to fulfil their potential
  • Help businesses thrive and make our city more prosperous
  • Work with our communities to make them healthier, safer and more sustainable

If you’re a community group with a great idea to make your local area a better place to live, the Community Investment Fund can help with the funding you need to make it a reality. We’re looking for creative ideas that will make a real difference to the people of Stoke-on-Trent and help create a stronger city we can all be proud of.

Community Investment Fund succesful applicants: February 2021

This round of funding applications closed on October 30 2020. 

On Wednesday February 10 2021, Stoke-on-Trent City Council awarded £404,000 to the following 31 projects:

  • Air Space Gallery
  • Al-Maryam
  • dDeaflinks
  • dDeaflinks Communities Link
  • Engage
  • Festival Stoke
  • Foley Meir
  • Hanley Town Academy
  • Helping Angels
  • Just Family
  • MAC
  • MHA Communities
  • Middleport Matters
  • MY Inter Theatre
  • Port Vale Foundation
  • Portland Inn Project
  • Queensbury ABC
  • Restoke
  • Ruff and Ruby
  • St Albans Community Centre
  • St Michaels CC
  • St Pauls Church
  • Stepping Stones
  • SOT Foodbank
  • The Clay Foundation
  • The Hub Fenton
  • The Macari Foundation
  • Walk Talk Action

For more information click the link below:

News: Projects to help communities recover from coronavirus among recipients of £400,000 in grant scheme’s latest awards


Apply now using the link below. The form does not have a 'save' facility, so if you prefer to complete the application form in a word format, please contact us at and we will send you a copy via email.

This round of funding applications opens on September 21 and closes on October 30.

Contact us now at to find out more.

This round of funding applications opens on September 21 and closes on October 30. 


To check if you are eligible to apply, click here to view our helpful video guide.

For more guidance on how to fill out the application form, click here to view our helpful video guide.