Illegal Dumping In Our Towns (I.D.I.O.T)

Love Stoke-on-Trent

Throughout September, we encouraged residents, community groups and local businesses to #LoveSOT, and set up community litter picks. 

Keeping our streets clear is not a matter for the council alone. Bringing the community together to help continue the incredible work of our environment teams is crucial to making a lasting difference in tackling the issue of illegal dumping.

We are continuing with the legacy of the #LoveSOT fortnight and continue to promote local litter picks across the city. If you are aware of any regular local litter picks events, please let us know below via the email address below.

Events in your area

Find out what is happening in your local area (events will be updated as they are submitted to the city council). If you are interested in hosting a regular litter pick, please email:

Please remember: Dress for the weather, wear appropriate footwear and bring a bottle of water.

Date Location / Meeting Point Time Contact / more information

Regular dates

(contact Cllr Gordon-McCusker for more information)

Hollybush and Blurton Various

Cllr Finlay Gordon-McCusker

Regular dates

(contact Cllr Dodd for more information)

Dresden, Florence and Goms Mill Various

Cllr Lillian Dodd