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Get assistance putting your bins out

Help putting your bin out if you have mobility problems

We offer an assisted collection service for residents who are unable to move their bins out to the kerbside because of mobility issues and in certain other circumstances.

If you are eligible, we will collect all your bins due to be emptied and return to the agreed collection point provided you have not locked them behind any gates.

To qualify for assisted collections, there must be no able-bodied person in the household over the age of 17.

You must also meet all the critera in either disabled or post-operative patients section below:


  • must be receiving either DLA or high rate mobility
  • must be receiving high rate mobility to qualify, or if on PIP, have eight points or more in the moving-around component
  • are able to provide proof if requested (DLA/PIP award letter)

Post-operative patients - (temporary basis)

  • must state the nature of the operation
  • are able to provide proof if requested (letter from the doctor or medical professional)

How to apply

By completing our online form you can:

  • ask to register to be on the assisted collection list
  • tell us you did receive an assisted collection but have now moved home
  • tell us you no longer need an assisted collection
  • respond to a letter you have received about your assisted collection

Apply online