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Tell us your bin hasn't been collected

Brown bin collections have now restarted. If your garden waste collection is due this week, please put your bin out on the usual collection day.

We'd like to thank residents for their patience and support over the past few weeks, and our brilliant waste collection teams for their hard work during this particularly challenging period.


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Before telling us that your bin hasn't been collected, click here to check whether your street has been affected by a known disruption to scheduled collections today.

If your street is not listed above and we have missed your bin by mistake you can report it to us here and we will aim to collect it within five working days.

You won't be able to report a missed bin:

• before 3pm on the day of your scheduled collection
• later than three days after your scheduled collection (including the day of collection)
• if the collection team recorded that they were unable to collect your bin
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