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  1. Skips
  2. Skip businesses: apply for a permit

To put a skip on the road outside your home, contact one of the skip operators who work within the city. There are currently around 30 skip operators who are registered with us who have the correct public liability insurance and a valid waste carrier's licence. Ask your chosen company about this when you book with them.

Alleyways must be kept clear in case the emergency services need to access the rear of properties. 

Your skip should:

  • have two vertical reflective plates on the two small yellow ends of the skip facing traffic in both directions
  • display the skip company's contact details
  • have lights on each corner
  • not be blocking traffic or pedestrians

We currently charge skip operators £40 to place a skip on the highway for a maximum of up to two weeks. Companies that say they can only site a skip for a day and who do not comply with the above guidelines may not have a permit. Most insurance policies are not valid when a company does not have a permit. This means that if anything did happen it would be difficult for you to make a claim against these companies.

Operators must tell us at least three working days before placing a skip on the highway. This gives us time to give them a permit. Before issuing a permit, we check the site is suitable to safely place a skip. If a site is not suitable we will suggest a safe alternative. Our decisions are always made with public safety in mind.

Once your skip is full, your skip company must remove it. Contact them to let them know as soon as it is full. Removing the skip promptly stops other people fly-tipping into it and over-filling your skip.