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Care for an adult with learning disabilities in your home

In this section

  1. Care for an adult with learning disabilities in your home
  2. About Shared Lives carers
  3. Types of placement

Our Shared Lives project is looking for carers who can welcome an adult with learning disabilities into their home to live - very similar to fostering a child. They will be people who need support to become part of a real family, instead of living in residential care or being cared for by a team of support workers. 

We will match the Shared Lives carer and the person receiving care to make sure you are comfortable with each other and have some similar interests which help you form a bond. 

The person being looked after:

  • would be over 18
  • qualifies for social care services
  • needs support to live in the community as they cannot live with their own family but want to live as part of a family
  • want to stay in their own home but needs support because they struggle to manage on their own
  • wants to take a short break
  • has their own family or carer who wants to take a break or a holiday
  • has a carer who is ill or needs a rest

The person you support could come from any background and everyone needs a different level of care. 

Some people just need some advice and guidance, while others might need help with personal care, cooking, laundry or managing money. Other things you could be doing with the person are:

  • accompanying them to appointments
  • providing transport to leisure activities or work placements
  • taking them on holidays and outings
  • encouraging them to get involved with their local community
  • looking after their medication