Approved premises for marriages and civil partnerships

Approved premises for marriages and civil partnerships have to be officially approved by registrars. 

  • the premises must be a permanent and immovable structure
  • the premises must be regularly available to the public 
  • the premises cannot be religious in nature 


Approved premises in Stoke-on-Trent
 Venue  Address   Telephone number 
 Stoke Town Hall  Glebe Street, Stoke, ST4 1RG   01782 234234 
 North Stafford Hotel  Station Road, ST4 2AE   01782 744477 
 George Hotel  Swan Square, Burslem, ST6 2AE  01782 577544  
 Port Vale Football Club  Vale Park, Burslem, ST6 1AW   01782 655800 
 Moat House Hotel  Festival Way, Festival Park, ST1 5BQ   01782 609988 
 Quality Hotel  Trinity Street, Hanley, ST1 5NB   01782 202361 
 Ford Green Hall  Ford Green Road, Smallthorne, ST6 1NG   01782 233195 
 Burslem Park  Moorland Road, Burslem, ST1 1EA   01782 234030 
 Trent Country Club  Birches Head Road, Birches Head, ST2 8DD   01782 541916 
 Bet 365 Stadium  Stanley Matthews Way, Stoke, ST4 4EG   01782 592233 
 Hanley Town Hall  Albion Street, Hanley, ST1 1QQ   01782 235260 
 Floral Hall  Queen's Avenue, Tunstall, ST6 6EE   01782 237815


The term 'approved premises' refers to the venue's legal status and should not be taken as an endorsement of any venue.  

Apply to become an approved premises