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Where can you get married in Stoke-on-Trent?

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  1. Where can you get married in Stoke-on-Trent?
  2. Ceremonies
  • register office: book this as far in advance as you want
  • approved premises: we can licence other venues for ceremonies if they are suitable, including hotels, stately homes and other historic buildings. The ceremony is conducted register office staff. You will still need to give notice of marriage or civil partnership in the districts where you live
  • if you wish to marry in a church you normally have to live in the parish or worship at the church. Speak to the priest or religious leader. The church or religious building must normally be in the district you or your partner live. You can only be married in a building in a different district if either of you worship in that building. You may also get married in another district if there is no building of your religion in the district where you or the person you are marrying lives. 
After arranging your marriage at a church or religious building you must contact the register office if a registrar is to register your marriage. You must give formal notice of marriage in the district where you live. 
  • you can marry in a private house, hotel or even garden if the marriage is conducted according to Jewish religious rites and both parties are of Jewish faith
  • a marriage or civil partnership ceremony can take place in the home of a person who is housebound. A doctor must sign a statement confirming that the person is unable to be moved, for a period of three-months, to a place normally registered for marriage
  • a marriage or civil partnership ceremony can take place at home or in a hospital if a person is terminally ill: a deathbed marriage or civil partnership needs an emergency response. Contact us on 01782 234234 so we can arrange for the superintendent registrar to call you. 
  • prison: as long as the prison authorities agree. The other partner will also have to give a notice to the registrar of the district in which they live. The marriage or civil partnership must take place within three months of giving the first notice.