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Commitment ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for adult couples not wishing to marry or enter a civil partnership. It is a public declaration of lifelong love, commitment and dedication between two people.

These ceremonies have no legal status but allow couples to re-affirm their vows and/or celebrate their renewed commitment to each other. Ceremonies can be individually designed and special friends and relatives can also be invited to take part in the ceremony

Naming ceremonies at an approved premises (balance payable four weeks in advance)
 Monday to Thursday  £220
 Friday  £235
 Saturday  £250
 Sundays and bank holidays  £290


Approval of a private venue for a naming ceremony
 In addition to relevant approved premises ceremony fee  £65


Booking fees
 Naming ceremony at Hanley Town Hall (Mitchell and Bennett rooms)  £65
 Naming ceremony at an approved premises  £65
 Amendment fee  £25


Ceremony fees for Hanley Town Hall
   Bennett Room (holds up to 70 guests  Mitchell Room (holds up to 20 guests)
 Monday to Thursday  £140  £90
 Friday  £170  £100
 Saturday  £195  £115
 Sundays and bank holidays  £280  £225
 Additional fee for special dates or times  £170  £170
 Additional fee for ceremonies from 6pm onwards  £170  £170