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Apply for housing benefit

If you pay rent for your home, to the city council, a housing association or a private landlord, you may be entitled to help with your rent payments from Universal Credit or housing benefit.

You can apply for both of these benefits online, but only housing benefit is claimed from the city council. 

You will need to claim Universal Credit unless:

  • you and your partner are pension age
  • you claim other benefits which include a severe disability premium
  • you live in supported accommodation, rented from a housing association or registered charity (speak to your landlord if you're not sure)
  • you have been placed in temporary accommodation

It is important you claim the right benefit and don't miss out on money you are entitled to.

Use our benefits calculator to check which benefit you need to claim

If you need to apply for housing benefit, the quickest way to get a decision is to apply online. The form will ask you to upload proof of your situation at the end.

Apply for housing benefit

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