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Healthy Start

Healthy Start is a government funded, NHS initiative that provides support if you are pregnant or have a child under the age of 4 to obtain payment to contribute towards cow’s milk, fresh, frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables, infant formula milk and fresh, dried and tinned pulses. The scheme also provides entitlement to free Healthy Start Vitamins.

If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4, you may be entitled to get help to buy healthy food and milk.

To qualify for the Healthy Start scheme, individuals must be at least 10 weeks pregnant or have at least one child under 4. In addition, they must be receiving any of the following:

  • Child Tax Credit (only if your family’s annual income is £16,190 or less)
  • Income support
  • Income based Job Seekers allowance
  • Pension Credit (which includes the child addition)
  • Universal Credit (only if your family’s take home pay is £408 or less per month from employment)

Those who are also eligible for Healthy Start include:

  • Individuals who are under 18 and pregnant, even if they are not claiming any benefits
  • Individuals who claim income related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and are over 10 weeks pregnant
  • Individuals or partners who receive Working Tax Credit run-on only
  1. £4.25 each week of your pregnancy from the 10th week
  2. £8.50 each week for children from birth to 1 year old
  3. £4.25 each week for children between 1 and 4 years old

As part of a universal offer, Healthy Start vitamins will be offered to anyone who is pregnant.

Find out more about the Healthy Start Scheme on the NHS website by clicking the link below:

NHS – What is Healthy Start?