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If you want to use our translation and interpretation services you can contact us 24 hours a day.

Call us with brief details of the problem and the language required. We'll then tell you how soon an interpreter will be available. You can also request a male or female interpreter

If you decide to go ahead and use our services you need to fill in the booking form. 

Council tenants who need translation services to interact with the council are not charged for this service. 

Complete the booking form

Interpretation charges

Actual interpretation First hour: £28 per hour or part of an hour. After first hour, £14 every one to 30 minutes
Travel time £14 per hour
Travel expenses 65p per mile or actual cost of public transport and parking charges, if any
Cancellation charge £28
Urgent booking £56 per hour or part of an hour (if booked with less than five working days' notice, on all weekends and public notices)
Charges for contacting service user on your behalf on telephone From £5 to £20

Translation charges

Translation, typesetting, proof-reading and layout £20 per hour (minimum charge: £20)