Garden waste subscriptions

Garden waste subscription packs and bin stickers are on their way! Our teams are aware of who has subscribed and will collect your bin on your next collection date.

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Invoice the city council

In this section

  1. Invoice the city council
  2. Our payment terms
  3. Pay an invoice

All invoices and credit notes must be emailed as pdf documents to

The Current Creditor mailbox: will remain live but for queries only

Please note: It is important you email the correct email box to avoid delays to your payment.

All city council purchases require an official order to be raised which generates unique purchase order numbers to be created. You should receive a purchase order number before providing any goods or services and the number must be quoted on all corresponding invoices.

As well as your purchase order number, if you are invoicing the city council please ensure you include the following on your invoice:

  • The delivery address and order contact details
  • Your name, address and VAT number
  • The word invoice (or credit note where applicable)
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice value split between the net, VAT and total value
  • The VAT rate applied
  • Description of the goods or services
  • Address the Invoice to Stoke-on-Trent City Council
Failure to include these details may result in your payment being delayed. The invoice must be easy to read and use black ink on white A4 paper.