Leaving care

Children in care pledge

This is our pledge, or promise, to the children and young people in the care of the city council and those who are care leavers. The pledge to children in care will inform children and young people in care, how and where things will be done and what say we have in different aspects of our lives.

The pledge (or promises and standards) to children in care will inform children and young people in care, how and where things will be done and what say we have in different aspects of our lives. It is broken down into four areas and what each of those means can be found below.

Service delivery

We promise we will make sure you have a good home and help you stay fit and healthy. This means we will:

  • ask you and listen to you about where you want to live. If we cannot offer choices we will explain why
  • take into account when you indicate your preference for gender and whether it is a couple or a single carer
  • ensure that we listen to you about keeping in contact with your family and friends
  • keep you with your brothers and sisters wherever possible and we will take account of your views on this
  • provide you with a social worker, their name and contact details. If they are not available, we will provide a direct contact number for you to talk to someone else who will listen to you and help you
  • make sure that you have regular health checks and access to a named nurse who will provide information and advice about your health
  • keep information about you confidential and only share information on a need to know basis. If we need to tell someone else then we will explain the reasons for this to you. 


We promise we will involve you and ask for your views about decisions that affect your life.  This means that we will:

  • take into account your age, ability, cultural and communication needs
  • always explain things to you in a way in which you understand
  • seek your views about publications and documents that are to do with your life
  • make your review as positive an experience for you as we can. We will listen to you about who should attend and where the review should be
  • support you into and throughout a complaints process. We will also provide an independent advocate who will speak for you if you want them to
  • organise regular activities, meetings, or opportunities for you to tell us your views about being looked after and whether we are keeping our promises
  • make sure that you are given skills to represent children in care in other wider groups in the city

Achievements and milestones

We promise we will help you to get the best from your time at school and help you make a success of moving on from care to adult and independent life. This means that we will:

  • provide a named teacher in every school who will offer extra support to children and young people who are in care and help you with schoolwork if you need it
  • ensure you have  a personal education plan
  • provide you with training, work experience and employment opportunities whenever we can
  • actively promote education, training and employment throughout and beyond compulsory education
  • as part of preparing you for adulthood, ensure that you have the necessary budget skills to manage your money effectively
  • provide you with a named support worker and their contact details to help you gain independence, skills and support while you are in care and as a care leaver
  • make sure that your wide range of achievements, such as sport, are celebrated
  • make sure your social worker is changed as little as possible
  • make sure you have a suitable place to live when you leave care
  • take your views and opinions into account when you leave care and make sure that as a care leaver you are offered opportunities and skills to help you begin an independent life

Retaining and developing your identity

We promise we will help you develop into the best person you can be. This means we will:

  • actively encourage and help you to access your choice of social, cultural and leisure opportunities
  • help you to complete life story work and make photo albums of important events and people in your life
  • help you to keep links with family as far as possible
  • give you an opportunity to keep safe your personal belongings and things that are important to you that will be a part of your memories when you are older