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About the consultation

The consultation considers the future options for ten council tower blocks which are:

  • Arthur Cotton Court and Port Vale Court, Burslem.
  • Boundary Court, Brookfield Court and Forest Court, Hanley.
  • Dibden Court, Penkhull Court and Southern Court, Stoke.
  • Pedley Court and Robinson Court, Blurton.

These tower blocks are under review because they have deteriorated due to their age and design, and now need major works to bring them up to standard. A considerable number of households live in the tower blocks and we need to now consider what should be done and want to hear residents’ views.   

The tower blocks need new investment to make sure that the homes meet the aspirations of residents now and into the future. A range of options for the blocks have been explored such as basic repair, a higher standard of refurbishment, and redevelopment (demolish and build new homes). The options to repair and refurbish the blocks as they are now, are difficult and expensive and would not provide a long-term solution – the council would need to continue spending considerable amounts of money on repairs in the future.  Because of this the preferred option, from both a financial perspective and a long-term quality / comfort standpoint into the future is to demolish the blocks and replace them with new homes.  If any of the proposed options are approved, delivery will be a large-scale project that might take approximately 15 to 20 years to complete across all four sites, as we take each site in turn. 

A final decision for the future of the tower blocks has not been made yet and so we want to hear views from tenants and leaseholders who will be affected.  Once you tell us your opinions on the  approach and the preferred option through this consultation, we will take these into account in what happens next.

More information

Residents affected will receive information, through the post, which will explain the project and our proposals.  

You can find out more information and access answers to frequently asked questions here:

Supporting information for tenants and leaseholders


Following the consultation event...

Following on from the face to face consultation event held at the Kings Hall (Wednesday 7 September), here is a statement from Cllr Carl Edwards and a video with further information:

Cllr Carl Edwards - Statement

Tower Block Consultation video

How do I give my views?

The consultation has now closed.