Garden waste subscriptions

Garden waste subscription packs and bin stickers are on their way! Our teams are aware of who has subscribed and will collect your bin on your next collection date.

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Complain about a high hedge

You can complain to us about a high hedge if:

  • you have made reasonable attempts to try resolve your dispute
  • you are the owner or occupier of a domestic property
  • your enjoyment of that property is being negatively affected by the height of a hedge on land owned or occupied by another person
  • the hedge is a barrier to light or access formed wholly or mainly by a line of two or more evergreens
  • the hedge is higher than two metres above ground level

We will decide if the hedge is adversely affecting the reasonable enjoyment of your property. If we agree it is, we can take steps to help you sort out the problem. We can't get the hedge removed but we can get it reduced in height. 

Complain about a high hedge