Elections 2024

A general election has been called for Thursday 4 July 2024. This is your opportunity to choose a local MP as a representative for Stoke-on-Trent, North, South and Central.

Find out more about the general election and how to vote here...

Doorstep crime and rogue traders

Doorstep criminals (also know as rogue traders, cowboy builders, building and gardening scammers) cold call on unsuspecting households offering convincing deals to try to get you to agree to having work carried out. We know that if you accept work from a doorstep criminal you'll pay much more than you intended for very poor, unnecessary and sometimes dangerous work.

Doorstep criminals rarely provide paperwork so they can't be traced once they've left your home. Names, addresses and business details are often false and telephone numbers don't get answered. They have no interest in doing work properly, their only concern is getting the cash and disappearing before Trading Standards or the police can catch up with them.

Reporting doorstrep crime

You can report doorstep crime or rogue trading to us on 01782 232065.
If you have been visited by a rogue trader and they are still at your property, or nearby, we will visit with the police and check their identity before deciding if any further action is needed.

In an emergency, always call 999.