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Tower Block Redevelopment Programme

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Tower Block Redevelopment Programme

On 1 August 2022 the city council began a public consultation exercise to gather views on the future of 10 tower blocks located across four sites in Blurton, Burslem, Hanley and Stoke town.

Residents were consulted over an eight-week period on their views about the tower blocks, along with a range of future options proposed which included repair, refurbishment and redevelopment. That consultation ended on 26 September 2022.

The consultation feedback provided by residents and leaseholders was considered, and on 17 January 2023 a report was presented to the city council’s Cabinet, seeking approval to start a redevelopment and investment programme for all 10 tower blocks, as presented in Option A of the original consultation documents. This option means that the council will demolish the existing tower blocks which will enable new, high-quality, modern homes to be built for our residents.

The full redevelopment of all 10 tower block sites is a long-term programme that will take between 15-20 years to fully complete. The first phase of work which is site 1 in Blurton will start now, with the other sites being redeveloped in the following order:

Site 1: Blurton (Pedley Court, Robinson Court, Bell House and Barker House)

Site 2: Hanley (Boundary Court, Brookfield Court and Forest Court)

Site 3: Stoke (Southern Court. Penkhull Court and Dibden Court

Site 4: Burslem (Arthur Cotton Court and Port Vale Court)

The proposal to redevelop on Site 1; Pedley Court, Robinson Court, Bell House and Barker House in Blurton

Resident engagement in respect to Site 1 Blurton began on Monday 20 March 2023 and ran for seven weeks, ending Monday 8 May 2023.

All affected residents, tenants and leaseholders received a survey and information pack. This information is now been collated and this feedback and that of other residents will help to shape the design proposals. Further consultation with residents will be undertaken in Summer 2023 to ask for views on the proposed design plans.


More information

You can find out more information and access answers to frequently asked questions here:

Supporting information for tenants and leaseholders

General FAQ's

Housing and Support Advice FAQ's

Following on from the face to face consultation event held at the Kings Hall (Wednesday 7 September), here is a statement from Cllr Carl Edwards and a video with further information:

Cllr Carl Edwards - Statement