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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's)

Fees and charges

From the 1 April 2021, Stoke-on-Trent City Council changed its payment process when applying for a HMO. This was following a legal case (Peter Gaskin vs London Borough of Richmond), where all local authorities were required to review the current HMO licensing fees and introduce a two stage payment process.

The two stages are as follows...

  • Part 1 will cover the cost of processing the application - This payment will need to made alongside the submission of your HMO application.
  • Part 2 will cover the enforcement element of the scheme and the ongoing cost to administer its HMO service - This payment is payable once you receive notification from the council that your application has been successful (the city council will inspect the property first).

For information and queries with regards to payments, you can contact the private sector housing team on 01782 232087.

N.B We are currently developing a new process which will allow you to make an electronic payment. Once this system goes live, new and renewal applicants will be made aware of this new feature.


A full break down is provided in the document fees and charges table below.

N.B please note the charging structure has been revised. We now charge in bands to reflect the size of the property

Property Size Charges - Part 1 Charges - Part 2 Total
Up to 6 bedroom property £309.00 £402.00 £711.00
7 to 10 bedroom property £309.00 £425.00 £734.00
11 to 20 bedroom property £309.00 £470.00 £780.00
21 to 30 bedroom property £309.00 £516.00 £825.00
31+ bedroom property £309.00 £561.00 £870.00

Additional Fees

Finder's fee - This is the free for unlicensed HMO's that the authority finds. Currently this is set at £227.00 and the fee has been revised to £240.00


£200.00 refund where following an inspection it is found that the property is not required to be licensed. This amount relates to the costs of drafting and issuing the licence.


£50.00 reduction for subsequent applications submitted within three months of your first application (from the total licence fee).