Problems with a privately-rented home

We can help with problems in your own home or a home you rent privately:

  • enter privately-rented homes to carry out scheduled and reactive inspections and surveys
  • serve notices to stop nuisance or to ask for housing defects to be corrected within a reasonable period of time
  • carry out work listed on legal notices, if the person responsible doesn't carry out the work in time and respond to any appeals against notices
  • ban the use of or require the demolition of houses which contain so many serious hazards they are beyond their useful life
  • reduce the number of people occupying a house to prevent overcrowding
  • buy houses for demolition or rehabilitation
  • ask for additional facilities and fire safety works for certain classes of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)  
  • serve notices and take action under many laws to deal with unsatisfactory housing conditions and stop public health nuisances
  • provide free help and advice and where necessary enforce the law on housing standards

Our services include:

  • carrying out general housing conditions surveys to identify problem areas
  • dealing with individual properties containing one or more serious hazards
  • inspecting and taking action to make sure hostels, bedsits, flats and houses occupied by more than one household comply with requirements and are free from serious hazards
  • declaring clearance areas or making demolition orders where its not feasible to renovate property
  • stopping public health nuisances such as filthy premises and defective drainage
  • monitoring the supply of drinking water and taking any needed action
  • giving informal advice on matters such as gas safety, tenants rights

Report an issue with a property you rent privately