Issue with payments receipts

If you get a 'failed receipt' error message when making a payment, once your card details have been submitted, do not try to make this payment again. To check payment call 01782 234234.

Tell us about issues with your landlord

Bad landlords wreck lives

We want to improve housing conditions and the practices of landlords who rent out properties in this city. If you are a tenant it is important that you are aware of your rights as a tenant when living in a rented property.

If you or someone you know is affected in their home by any of the following, please get in touch:

The poor or dangerous condition of their property - such as no gas safety certificate, missing smoke alarms, damp and mould growth, doors or windows which don’t lock, heating that does not work properly, dangerous electrics.

Tell us about dangerous conditions

Have you been asking your landlord or letting agent for repairs but they haven’t been done?

Tell us about repairs that haven’t been done

Threats to evict a tenant without a court order - including illegal locks changes or intimidation by a landlord or their representative either in person, by phone, letter, text message or through social media.

Issues with the behaviour of a landlord, such as inappropriate visits or text messages, or letting themselves into properties, or behaving in a threatening or intimidating way.

Tell us about inappropriate communications

Exploitation of tenants such as reduced rental payments or the offer of cash in return for favours,  sexual acts or in exchange for not carrying out maintenance or repairs at the property. 

Exploitation of tenants

Such behaviour is not acceptable and should not be put up with.

The Private Sector Housing Team at the City Council can help by tackling these issues and taking action against those landlords who make their tenants lives a misery and who give good landlords a bad name.  For more information or to speak to a member of the Private Sector Housing Team please call 01782 233086