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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's)

FAQ's - houses in multiple occupation

I’m thinking of buying a HMO Stoke-On-Trent. Can you advise me?

The local authority has provided all of its information, guidance and advice on these web pages. If you require further professional advice, you will need to contact a private HMO professional to provide you with bespoke advice on your project.

I have heard that Stoke-On-Trent is good area to buy HMO’s, is this correct?

The area has an abundance of affordable housing, which makes buying in the area attractive. We also have a high amount of HMO within the area. For further advice you will need to speak with a local property agency.

Where can I view your HMO register?

Please email to view a copy of the register.

The council offers requisitioners of the HMO register two options to view. The initial option is to be sent a partially redacted electronic copy of the register (this will include full address details and property specifics). It will not include licence holder particulars). Should the requisitioner wish to view the licence holder details (the full register) they will be offered an appointment to view a certified hard copy at the Civic Offices in Stoke. You will need to specify in your email if this is the preferred option.

What happens with my personal data and what is it used for?

We collect and hold personal information about you because the Law, Parts 2 and 3 of the Housing Act 2004, say we must.   We use this information to amongst things maintain a public register of licensed HMOs and to make copies of the registers available to the public upon request, as required by the Act and its related statutory instrument.

I only have four rooms, but five tenants. Do I need a licence?

Yes, the legalisation is based on the amount of occupiers, not the amount of rooms.

I am aware of a HMO , with 5 or more persons that doesn’t have a licence?

Please report this to the council via our web pages, or by calling 01782 234234.

I do not want to licence my property, so is it a good idea to only let the property to four occupiers?

This is a decision for the owner. However, the local authority is liable to ask for the exact same safety features/compliance in a four or five-person HMO.

I own/manage a three-person HMO. Do the management regulations apply?

Yes, in most instances the management regulations apply.

I am tenant, landlord or managing agent who has a question with regards to a HMO outside of Stoke-On-Trent. Can you help me?

Unfortunately, each council will have its own interpretation and powers to effectively manage HMO’s. As such we will not be able to assist you with this query.

I have a HMO planning question, can you help me?

Please refer to the HMO and planning section of the website. If this does not answer your query, you will need to contact the planning team on 01782 234234.

I am a resident with concerns about the location and or amount of HMO’s in my locality. Can you assist me?

Please refer to HMO and planning section of the website. Further to this, if a HMO has gained planning consent or is classed as a permitted development, The local authority has no further powers to stop a HMO been converted.

I am a live in landlord with lodgers. How many lodgers can I have before the property is deemed a HMO?

You are allowed up to two lodgers. Three lodgers will be a HMO and the property will be required to have a licence if five or more people (including you as the landlord) live at the property.