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Draft Fuel Poverty Strategy 2023-2028 Consultation

This consultation has now closed.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has developed a draft Fuel Poverty Strategy 2023-2028.

The draft Fuel Poverty Strategy sets out the council’s ambitions and priorities to tackle fuel poverty in the city over the next five years.

The council is now consulting with residents and partners to ensure that the draft strategy contains the right focus and commitments.


The draft Fuel Poverty Strategy 2023-2028 has identified four strategic objectives to help combat fuel poverty:

  1. Help people to reduce their energy bills
  2. Improve household energy efficiencies to reduce cold related illness
  3. Maximise household incomes
  4. Increase renewable energies to reduce our carbon emissions

With energy costs continuing to rise, more of our residents will fall into fuel poverty unless the root causes are addressed. It follows that helping our city’s residents to have healthy, energy efficient and warm homes is one of the council’s highest priorities. 

Read the draft Fuel Poverty Strategy 2023-2028 here

For further information about the consultation please email housing.strategy@stoke.gov.uk or call 01782 231172.

What happens next?

Feedback gathered from the consultation will be considered and reflected within the final Fuel Poverty Strategy 2023-2028, which will be presented to Cabinet for consideration in December 2023.