Garden Waste

Winter Brown Bin Collections

Sign up for the winter garden waste service

This service is for residents who live in or own a property within the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

If you would like your garden bin(s) emptied during the months November to March, residents will need to sign up to our enhanced garden waste service.

Collections are made every two weeks (with the exception of the Christmas break), on the same weekday as your household recycling bin collection, unless we contact you and tell you otherwise. Residents can subscribe to the service at any one point during the year, but please note the cost will remain the same. Collections will only be made from residents who are eligible for a brown bin.

Enhanced brown bin subscriptions will cost £15 per season in 2022/2023. (one per each brown bin).

When you subscribe we'll send out a pack (including a bin sticker) within 10 days and we will start collections from November or as soon as your subscription has been processed and you have attached your sticker to the garden waste bin.

Important information: Please put your bin out from 6am on your collection day to ensure collection.

Organic garden waste collections are not a service which the council is obliged to offer by law, and collections are not covered by Council Tax. Stoke-on-Trent City Council runs a service free of charge throughout the summer months however, we are now offering a chargeable winter service which will run from November to March, with a two-week (one collection) suspension over the Christmas period. 

Household Waste Recycling Centre 

You can take garden waste to either of the tips located in Hanford or Burslem. 

Click here for more information on these services.

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