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If you get a 'failed receipt' error message when making a payment, once your card details have been submitted, do not try to make this payment again. To check payment call 01782 234234.

Coroners and inquests

The Coroner’s Office in Stoke-on-Trent & North Staffordshire is continuing to operate as normal although staff are now working from home in line with Government guidance with regard to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

No routine inquests will take place until further notice.  We will continue however to deal with urgent matters in court which means that we will open inquests and deal with certain fast track inquests to ensure the deceased can be released in a timely fashion.  Such hearings will be dealt with on either Tuesday or Thursday each week until further notice.  Whilst these hearings are still held in court for legal reasons they are hearings where there is no necessity for families or the public to attend and it is strongly recommended that the Government guidance on physical distancing is maintained in order to protect the community and our team.

A process using remote technology is being worked on currently to allow other types of inquests to be held and families will be updated as this progresses. 

In the circumstances please send any contact to the office via email as detailed below.  The email is monitored every day and our team will assist you with any enquiries.

We would appreciate your understanding and co-operation at this time.

Inquest date


Name of deceased


Date of death

Place of death

Wednesday, 27 May - NO INQUESTS - - -
Thursday, 28 May 9.30am Roy H Barratt 36 19/10/2019 Middleport, Stoke-on-Trent
Margaret R Smeaton 72 03/12/2019 Royal Stoke University Hospital
Peter Wright 82 28/12/2019 Royal Stoke University Hospital
Margaret Jones 90 01/05/2020 Royal Stoke University Hospital
Alfred Preece 87 18/04/2020 Royal Stoke University Hospital
Timothy Kuma 56 02/07/2019 Royal Stoke University Hospital
Graham Woolridge 77 17/03/2020 Royal Stoke University Hospital
Janet Mary Price 72 09/03/2020 Douglas Macmillan
Patricia Fereday 71 29/01/2020 Royal Stoke University Hospital
Judith M T Hornby 66 16/06/2019 Royal Stoke University Hospital
Friday, 29 May - NO INQUESTS - - -
Monday, 1 June - NO INQUESTS - - -
Tuesday, 2 June - NO INQUESTS - - -
Wednesday, 3 June - NO INQUESTS - - -
Thursday, 4 June 9.30am Harold Meakin 60 06/02/2020 Leek, Staffs
Derek J Webb 73 24/01/2020 Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent
Elena Moiseyev 83 16/04/2020 Newcastle-under-Lyme
Jonathan P Davies 40 04/03/2020 Talke, Stoke-on-Trent
Lorraine A Bottomley 65 26/01/2020 Royal Stoke University Hospital
Friday, 5 June - NO INQUESTS - - -