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Register a birth

In this section

  1. Register a birth
  2. Documents to bring to the appointment
  3. What you will be asked
  4. Changing your child's first name

Documents to bring to the appointment

The following documents are not compulsory but will help you to provide the correct the details to the registrar.

If you do not have these, we can still register the child's birth and you should still attend the appointment.

  • parents' passports
  • council tax bill
  • your driving licence
  • parents' marriage or civil partnership certificates
  • parents' change of name documents

You will be asked to check the register entry and sign to confirm the details recorded are correct.

It is your responsibility to confirm the details recorded in the register are accurate. You will be charged a non-refundable fee of £83 or £99 for any corrections to incorrect details found after the registration.