Apply for a business rates discount

Rural rate relief

We can give 100 per cent rural rate and up to 100 per discretionary relief if the business is:

  • in Stoke-on-Trent
  • in an area with a population of fewer than 3,000 on December 31 of previous year 
  • within a rural settlement area designated by the Secretary of State 
  • the sole post office or general store (selling household goods and food for human consumption that isn't mostly sweets), where the rateable value is less than £8,500
  • the sole pub or petrol station where the rateable value is less than £12,500
  • a food shop where the main business is the sale of food for people and the rateable value is less than £8,500.
  • not a catering businesses or shops selling mostly sweets
  • one that benefits the local community and the rateable value of the property is no more than £16,500 at the beginning of the rating year concerned

Discretionary relief is not limited to any particular type of business, but the importance of the business to the area will be considered.