Building a property

We check the plans for your proposed building to make sure they comply with building regulations. This is done to make sure any changes can be made before work starts on site. 

If you use the full plans procedure, we will check your plans and speak to any appropriate authorities (such as fire and water authorities). You will receive an approval notice from us if your plans comply with building regulations.  

Normally, we issue a conditional approval which says what changes must be made to the plans, or we may ask you to submit different plans.

If you use the building notice procedure, we tell you we have receive your application but you won't receive any notice to say whether your proposal has been approved or rejected.

We may ask you to provide more details or plans to show that you comply with the regulations.  Sometimes, in extreme circumstances we may have to reject your plans.

You can start work at any time after you have given a building notice or submitted full plans.  You must tell us when you are planning to start. If you have submitted a full plans application and start work before your application is approved, the work may not comply with building regulations.

It is very important you check if you need planning permission for your work before starting on site.

Tell us when you are at the following stages so that we can inspect the work:

  • when you are ready to start
  • excavations
  • foundations
  • damp proof course
  • oversite
  • drains (before backfilling)
  • drains (after backfilling)
  • when you occupy the property
  • when you have finished
  • completion of work

When the work is complete, we carry out a final inspection and, providing it meets building regulations, you will be given a completion certificate.  

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