Appeal against a rejected full plans application

If your full plans application is rejected but you don't feel it necessary to alter your plans:

  • you can seek a 'determination' from the Secretary of State. You must do this before starting work
  • if you know your plans don't necessarily comply with a requirement, but feel the rejection is too strict in your case, you can apply to us for a 'relaxation' or 'dispensation'. You can do this at any stage, but it is best to do it before work starts

You only need to seek a determination where you believe the proposals in your full plans application comply with the regulations but we disagree.  You may apply for a determination either before or after we have rejected your full plans application.  The legal procedure is intended to deal with compliance of 'proposed' work only and so normally applications relating to work which is mostly or fully completed cannot be accepted.

Sometimes applications for late determinations may be accepted, but it is in your best interest to always ensure that you apply for a determination well before you start work.

Apply for a determination on GOV.UK