Elections 2024

A general election has been called for Thursday 4 July 2024. This is your opportunity to choose a local MP as a representative for Stoke-on-Trent, North, South and Central.

Find out more about the general election and how to vote here...

Gritting, snow and ice


Where do we grit?

We grit strategic routes continuously during winter weather conditions to keep our network open and to keep the city moving. You can see which roads we grit and also track where our gritter crews are in real time.

Where's my gritter?

Where is my nearest grit bin?

Hundreds of grit bins are available across the city on selected roads. Find your nearest grit bin here

You can use the grit to treat local roads and pavements in the vicinity of the grit bin, but using this grit for your own property or personal use is illegal, and you would be liable to prosecution.

View grit bins

Report a problem

To report a problem with a grit bin, tell us here. 

Report a problem

The locations of new grit bins are reviewed each year. If you are requesting a new grit bin, requests will be reviewed and actioned ready for the next winter season. 

Problems on the M6, A50 & A500

These roads are maintained by National Highways, find out more.