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Overview and scrutiny

Councillors who are not members of the Cabinet (the council’s decision-making body) are usually involved in overview and scrutiny. There are two main overview and scrutiny roles:

  • holding decision-makers to account (scrutiny)

Overview and scrutiny councillors can question decision-makers from the council (cabinet members and senior officers) and other public service providers about decisions and services in the city. It is about councillors representing people’s collective interests to ensure public services are provided in the way people want within the limited money available.

  • policy development and review (overview)

A more pro-active role is to look at draft policies and service proposals before they are considered and approved by decision-takers. Anything that councillors comment on or recommend is considered by decision-makers before policies and services plans are approved. Councillors can also review policy or develop new policy.

Adults and neighbourhoods overview and scrutiny committee

Children and young people's overview and scrutiny committee

City renewal overview and scrutiny committee

Corporate services overview and scrutiny committee