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Procurement Frameworks

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  1. Frameworks available to other public sector bodies nationwide
  2. Frameworks available to other public sector bodies across Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire

Frameworks available to other public sector bodies nationwide

Decentralised Energy Networks

StokeDEPO has been established by Stoke-on-Trent City Council to allow public bodies in the UK to procure the services, goods and works they need to develop, construct, manage and maintain all types of decentralised energy networks.

The frameworks have developed from Stoke’s own large-scale District Heat Network which is now being rollout across the city - the procurement offer brings the experience and knowledge the Stoke Energy Team have gained from their own project which can be shared with others.

The frameworks exist in two initial formats with more to follow, they cover the needs around Professional Services and for the Network Piping Hardware side and therefore then applies to all projects which generate and produce energy and/or heat which is off-grid. It can include district heating and cooling, energy from waste, geothermal projects, biomass, and solar energy. And more besides.

Framework#1 - Technical and Professional Consultancy Support

Framework#2 - District Heat Supplies


Legal Status

The framework was established following a legally complaint procurement process.

The opportunity was advertised in compliance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015; the OJEU Contract Notice reference is 2019/S 058-133408.

Eligible Organisations/Users

The users of this framework are limited to:

  • All local authorities in the United Kingdom (including companies wholly owned by those authorities where they are operating under a “Teckal” status);
  • All higher education institutions in the United Kingdom;
  • All NHS health trusts in the United Kingdom;
  • All Registered Social Landlords in the UK.

For further information, please contact the StokeDEPO team by emailing or call 01782 232747.