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Framework 1 - Technical and Professional Consultancy Support


There are nine Lots in all. Lots one to eight cover specialist areas of consultancy and special support.

Lot nine combines all the other Lots plus adds an overall project management function. In summary the Lots cover the following:

Lot 1: Energy Mapping

Lot 2: Commercial & Techno-Economic Feasibility

Lot 3: Energy Master-planning

Lot 4: Building & Plant Room Survey

Lot 5: Detailed Mechanical/Electrical Design

Lot 6: Detailed Buried District Network Civil Design

Lot 7: Underground Utility Detection, Verification and Location Survey

Lot 8: Buried District Network Construction Contract Management

Lot 9: Project Management for Full Feasibility Support


User Guide F#1 sets out how you can access the framework.Click here to download the document.

For further information, please contact the StokeDEPO team by email at or call 01782 232747.