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Framework 2 - District Heat Supplies


Broadly speaking the following items can be ordered through this framework:

 - Pre-insulated bonded pipe systems (as per BS EN 253);

 - Pre-insulated accessories for buried heating/cooling networks including isolation valves, air vents & drain points (as per BS EN 448);

 - Pre-insulated valves for buried heating/cooling networks (as per BS EN 488);

 - Polythene joints & connections for buried heating/cooling networks (as per BS EN 489); District Heating Pipe, Pre-insulated bonded pipe including u-loops, Z-bends and 90o bends (as per BS EN 13941);

 - Expansion foam;

 - Leak Detection Systems (as per BS EN 14419).

User Guide F#2 sets out how you can the framework. Click here to download the document.

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