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School Catchment Maps

Please note that no Stoke-on-Trent High School /Academy has a catchment area.  The following applies to Primary schools only.

To see the catchment areas for a Stoke-on-Trent Primary School / Academy

Please follow the link to maps  www.stoke.gov.uk/maps

  1. Having followed the link, select the ‘social directory map’ tab.
  2. A disclaimer comes up, which should be closed  - the ‘close’ button can be found by scrolling down the slider button to the right of the box.
  3. Move your cursor to top left (three white lines) and click
  4. Select map features
  5. Select Education, Primary School Catchment Areas and Schools

Some catchment areas appear to contain more than one school.  In those cases, the catchment area is for one school – the other(s) will have no catchment. 

Please check the primary prospectus for clarity, or call the Admissions Team on 01782 234598.