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A general election has been called for Thursday 4 July 2024. This is your opportunity to choose a local MP as a representative for Stoke-on-Trent, North, South and Central.

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Electric vehicle chargers

EV charging points

Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and Stafford Borough Council have jointly been awarded £787,500 through the government’s Ultra Low Taxi Infrastructure Scheme to install 30 electric vehicle (EV) rapid chargers in council-owned car parks for use by taxis, private hire vehicles and the general public..

The EV chargers are built, owned and operated by SWARCO and operate using a simple contactless bank card payment system.

Whilst the charge points can be used as a simple turn-up-and-go facility, drivers wishing to use the chargers are encouraged to download the E.Connect App to benefit from the information that is provided through your personal account such as location of charge points, usage history etc.

Please note: To benefit from a reduced charging tariff taxi drivers must create an account on https://www.swarcoeconnect.org and also contact the local authorities requesting to be added to the SWARCO private network.

Details for local authorities can be found below:


These EV charging stations can be found at a number of locations around Staffordshire. Please see tables below for more information:

*Some chargers can only be used by registered taxi drivers and private hire, please check via local signage or online at: https://swarcoeconnect.org/*

Locations in Stoke-on-Trent

Location Public spaces Taxi spaces
Kingsway, Stoke-on-Trent 2 2
South Wolfe Street (market), Stoke-on-Trent 2 2
Hope Street, Hanley 2 2
Commerce Street, Longton - 4
Chancery Lane, Longton 4 -
Butterfield Place, Tunstall 1 1
Overhouse Street, Burslem 1 1

Locations in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Location Public spaces Taxi spaces
Goose Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme 2 2
Heathcote Street, Kidsgrove 2 2
King Street Car Park, Newcastle-under-Lyme 2 2
The Parade, Silverdale 2 2

Locations in Stafford

Location Public spaces Taxi spaces
Broad Street (Wilko), Stafford 2 2
Doxey Road, Stafford 2 2
Victoria Park (Tenterbanks), Stafford 1 -
North Walls (Lammascote Road), Stafford 1 -
Crown Street, Stone 4 0

Costs to use the EV Chargers

Taxi and private hire vehicles: 79p/kWh (75p for registered taxis)

General Public: 79p/kWh

How to calculate the cost of charging your vehicle

You can calculate the cost to fully charge your own car by using the formula:

Tariff (e.g. 70p/kWh) * Battery size (e.g. 40kWh) / 100 = Cost to fully charge (e.g. £28.00)

*All details correct as of 1 November 2022*