Free bus pass

Apply for a free bus pass

Free bus pass can be applied for online. There are two categories that entitle residents to a free bus pass:


You must be old enough to claim state pension and provide proof of your age. To find out if you can apply under the elderly criteria use the eligibility checker

GOV.UK eligibility Checker


To apply you must be able to scan and attach proof that you qualify under one of the below categories.

  • Do not have arms or cannot use arms
  • Severely or profoundly deaf
  • Have a disability such that your mobility is permanently and substantially impaired
  • Have a learning disability
  • Have been, or would be likely to be, refused a driving licence due to a medical condition
  • Unable to communicate orally in any language

At the end of the application, you will be asked to attach the following documents:

  1. A recent passport size photo (plain background)
  2. Proof of identity/Age - birth certificate, driving licence, passport or prescription
  3. Proof of address - council tax bill (valid for the current year), household bill (valid within the last 3 months), prescription (valid within the last 3 months), bank statement (valid within the last 3 months)  or utility bill providing this shows the date of printing.
  4. proof of disability (for applicant applying under the disability criteria)

GP referrals 

If you cannot provide us with documentation to support your disability please print and complete the GP referral form and we can contact your GP to confirm your eligibility.

Download a GP referral form