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Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan 2022-2031

Stoke-on-Trent’s Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan 2022-2031

Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s new Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan, 2022-2031, was approved by ful council on 26 January 2023. 

The full version of the Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan 2022-2031 can be viewed here.

The overall aim of the strategy is to identify a deliverable programme of transport improvements over the next ten years which support economic growth, improve residents’ mobility and wellbeing, and protect the environment.

The main objectives of the Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan are:

  • to reduce journey times – reduce congestion and delays to all modes of transport;
  • to provide more equitable travel times – improved public transport journey times relative to car journey times;
  • to provide a noticeable uplift in the quality of the public transport offer;
  • to support improvements to air quality;
  • to support residents’ access to vital services including jobs and education;
  • to support residents’ physical health and wellbeing.

The Strategy’s Delivery Plan identifies a range of priorities and opportunities to tackle the city’s key transport issues and challenges, in order to deliver a better connected city. These priorities include:

  • Bus Network Improvements including enhanced services, with quicker journeys and cheaper fares
  • Developing a business case for Very Light Rail (VLR) in the city.
  • Decarbonising Transport. Provision of infrastructure to support zero-carbon vehicles
  • Developing a connected walking and cycling network Reopening rail stations and developing the case for more frequent local rail services
  • Improving freight transport facilities.
  • Highway schemes to tackle pinch points and improve bus service reliability;
  • Provision of multi modal transport ‘hubs’ to enable easier transfer between different travel modes.

Read the Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan here

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