Policies, procedures and strategies directory - Information for tenants receiving Universal Credit

Tenants who receive Universal Credit must update their account to show the change in their rent charge on or as soon after April 1 as possible.

  • log into your Universal Credit account.         
  • click on 'report a change of circumstances'
  • click on 'where you live and what it costs'
  • under 'what has changed?' choose 'something else'
  • under date of change, select 'date of rent change'
  • the date your rent changes is April 1, 2019
  • if your home address is correct choose 'yes'
  • under 'do you have housing costs?' choose 'yes' This is to ensure your Universal Credit assessment includes your housing rent costs – this is important whether you pay your own rent or have it paid directly by an alternative payment arrangement
  • under 'where do you live now?' choose the most appropriate answer, likely to be "I rent from the council or a housing association”
  • Type the amount of rent you pay and how often you pay it (weekly or monthly)
  • Under service charges, add in any payable service charges or type 0 - this is charged if you receive services for garden maintenance or a communal television aerial. If you live in sheltered accommodation, there are additional service charges – contact the income advice team on 01782 231564 for more information
  • under 'landlord details' complete as per your tenancy agreement or landlord letter. Your landlord is Stoke-on-Trent City Council
  • Type the number of bedrooms in your household
  • For 'is council tax in your name?' choose yes or no, depending on your situation
  • Confirm the details are correct. Check your answers and confirm changes. 

If you require any further help or advice on this matter, contact your local centre or your work coach at your JobCentre.