Keeping postal voting safe

Published: Tuesday, 25th April 2023

With nine days until the local election in Stoke-on-Trent, the city council is reminding residents who have opted to receive a postal vote on how to keep their vote safe.

Postal votes, when handled securely, are an effective and safe way in which to vote in the local election of Thursday, 4 May. To ensure your postal vote stays safe please follow these tips:

  • You should never give anyone your postal vote to complete for you.
  • Stoke-on-Trent City Council and the Returning Officer do not send people out to collect postal votes.
  • If someone says they are from the council you should call 01782 233800 to verify their identity. Do not hand them your postal vote.
  • When you have completed your postal vote, you can place it in a post box or hand deliver it to the Civic Centre or take it to a polling station in your electoral area on polling day (4 May 2023) before 10pm.
  • If you require help completing your postal vote contact 01782 233800 or

It is an offence to vote using a ballot paper that was not sent for your use or interfere with another voter’s ballot paper. If you believe that an electoral offence has taken place you should contact