City Council takes legal action on developer

Published: Thursday, 23rd June 2022

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has started formal planning enforcement action against the developer of more than 200 homes in Meadow Lane, Trentham.

Planning permission was granted in 2019 to build 227 homes, which included a condition that the developer continues to adhere to a construction management plan (CMP) to deliver the works on site. The developer in question is Barratt Developments.

However, the Local Planning Authority has received a number of complaints where the developer has failed to adhere to the CMP:

  1. Incorrect vehicles being used – articulated vehicles have been used, the CMP states, Vehicles accessing the site will be limited to a maximum size of a 12m rigid vehicle. 
  2. Deliveries being made prior to 8am – multiple reports of deliveries from 7am onwards.
  3. Deliveries being made from outside of the site – this is not part of the development area.  As such, causes issues for residents.
  4. Vehicles exiting the site in a reverse gear – This is a breach as it is a safety issue and not part of the CMP. Dirt and mud on road which hasn’t been cleared.

A Breach of Condition Notice (BCN) has been served on the developer and should further breaches occur, then the council could prosecute for non-compliance.

Councillor Daniel Jellyman, cabinet member for infrastructure, regeneration and heritage, said: “The city council, as acting the Local Planning Authority, has been dismayed at the number of residential complaints we have received for this site. On further investigation, we have found a number of serious breaches to the CMP, of which we have acted accordingly, inspecting and ensuring the correct actions are taken. I would like to take this opportunity to thank residents for reporting the issues directly to us. As a council we will go to the full extent possible in law to enforce against developers who think they can act outside of the rules”

The maximum fine for a BCN is £2,500 and the council will be monitoring the site moving forward.