Online account

The current online account for managing your council tax, and benefits closed on January 31. You will not be able to log in. 

Following any bookmarked links to the old online account will give you a security message, but you should not be alarmed. The system is not live and no information has been compromised. 

In the coming weeks, we will be changing the software we use for the online account and will need you to register with the new system if you would like to continue to manage your account in this way.

If you would like to continue to manage your account online, you will need to register with the new system. 

We are changing the system because the company providing our current online account will no longer be offering this service. The new system we have chosen will grow over time so you can have one view of your different council services. 

This year we will send everyone a paper bill to make sure you are updated about your council tax.

To register with the new system, you will need your council tax account number (and benefit number if you have one). You can find this on your paper bill. 

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