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Availability of schools and childcare providers

Following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), schools, further education colleges and childcare providers are only open for children of critical workers and vulnerable children. This will remain in place until further notice. Children whose parents do not fall into these categories should keep their children at home. All children should stay home from school if at all possible.

Critical workers

Critical workers are those workers who need to be able to access work to support our efforts to tackle coronavirus. Examples of these include NHS staff, police, utility workers and those involved in food production and delivery.

If you are a critical worker and your child currently attends a school, you should speak to them to find out what the current and future arrangements are. Some schools may collapse their provision with other schools onto one site and therefore your child may be asked to attend another site. Staff from your current child’s school will support any transition.

A number of childcare providers (such an nurseries and childminders) are currently closed. If you are a key worker and require alternative childcare then information on those providers that remain open is available on our Family Services Directory.

Family services directory

Free school meals

Families who are entitled, can access free school meals via your child’s school. This may be in the form of a meal, a packed lunch or supermarket voucher. Please contact your child’s school for further information.

Government advice for parents and carers

Government advice for parents and carers in relation to the closure of education settings is available below (including definitions of critical workers and vulnerable children).

Closure information

If you are still unable to find suitable alternatives that meet your needs then please contact or call 01782 237074.