Local search fees

Discretionary fees for additional services

  Net VAT Total
Written additional questions £15 £3 £18
Additional parcel (see definition below) - searches containing CON29 £15 £3 £18
Additional parcel (see definition below) - LLC1 search only requests £15 0 £15
Electronic copy of search  0 0 0
Request for hard copy of a completed search £10 £2 £12
Copy of registered documents 0 0 0
Enquiries following a personal search, where applicable £15 £ £18

Statutory fees: personal search of the local land charges register only (by appointment) - free

Definition of residential: all domestic properties or plots which do not contain a business premises.

Definition of commercial: large areas of land/plots, business premises (including those which contain a residential property or flat) and any other type of land or property not defined as residential. 

Definition of an additional parcel: land (including a building or part of a building which is separately occupied or separately rated or, if not occupied or rated, in separate ownership, such as a block of flats or several industrial or commercial units.

Where a residential property has been subdivided into separate flats and share a common boundary, we will judge the workload involved to determine whether an additional parcel fee applies. We advise you to contact us before submitting your request to prevent any delays.

A separate search request should be made if the additional parcels don't contain a common boundary. 

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