Types of local searches and local land charges

Full official search

A full official council compiled search consists of two parts: the LLC1 and the CON29.   

A local search protects you against unknowingly inheriting land charges and prohibitions held against the property or land and will warn of proposals affecting the land or property. 

Without all the necessary information you could be inheriting someone else’s debt, find out your extension isn’t safe or your new home is de-valued because of proposals affecting it 

There are different types of searches available which you need to be aware of.  Some of these are not compiled by us and are not covered by council insurance.  The local authority has no responsibility for searches carried out by a third party company referred to as a personal search.

You are entitled to tell you solicitor which searches you want.

Full official local authority searches (LLC1 and CON29) are compiled by the council’s experts in each of the related fields of planning, highways, pollution, housing, and building regulations.

Council-compiled searches provide complete information required in response to 100 per cent of the register and 100 per cent of the search questions, and are 100 per cent complete and up to date. They are fully endorsed with the council’s signature and backed by the council insurance.

The LLC1 provides information held in the Local Land Charges Register and the CON29 provides responses to a comprehensive set of approx 60 enquiries, and when requested there is the opportunity to request any of the 18 additional question on part two of the CON29 or to request other information known as ‘written additional’ questions.  

This contains information about restrictions and prohibitions on land or property.  It also contains information about financial charges are held against property or land.  

All the registrations held in the Local Land Charges register are binding on successive owners.

It is important to be aware that any charges/proposals that are currently being considered will not show on the LLC1. It is only the CON29 that will give this information.